The Process

💃 Our collaborative design philosophy means we take the time to understand your goals and adopt them as our own; working closely with you to ensure our high-performance design workflows accomplish everything you're aiming for – and more.

How We Work

  • 🎉 Goal

    We design websites that produce results. To do so, our project manager will work with you to identify strategies before we begin the project. We'll also figure out who your target audience is so that we can build a template that fits them.

  • 💄 Design

    To ensure that we have the same idea, we'll give you an in-depth appropriate for the analysis so that we can develop a design that reflects your objective. You will receive a design concept for your website in 3-5 days.

  • 🌐 Development

    When you're satisfied with the concept, our development team will bring it to life and begin working on it. This will takes 3-4 weeks after your concept approval. It's also the perfect time to give us your content at this time including content such as information about your company, images, social profile, etc.

  • 🚩 Quality Assurance

    Your project will be handed over to our QA team after the initial development. They will extensively analyze the design and production of your project before submitting it for your approval.

  • 📝 Client Review

    We'll give you a link to the test site after our QA team has reviewed your website so you can see it on your screen. If you have changes before we start your project, you will have several rounds of revisions during this process before we finish it.

  • 🚀 Launching

    Your website will be hosted on our secure servers or on a web host of your choosing. You are free to launch your website right away if you are ready. If you want to set a launch date, we can help you with it.

  • 📝 Reviews

    We will assess the efficiency of your website after it has been launched to ensure that your objectives have been met. We'll also make suggestions for improving your website so that you can accomplish your objectives more effectively.

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